JJ Electionics  6L6GC Valves

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JJ Electionics 6L6GC Valves

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JJ Electionics 6L6GC Valves

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6L6GC JJ Matched Power Tubes

All tubes are matched and tested

This tube is now made in Slovakia and is a favourite amongst guitars. One of the most purchased tubes on the market for a reason, a warm rich tube that has nice lows, excellent mids and a just the right amount of chime in the highs.

When pushed they provide a nice tight and focused bite without losing their punch.

Octal power tube (max. plate watts: 30).

A beam tetrode tube with an octal base, the 6L6 tube (valve) was originally developed to bypass a patent by Philips on the pentode tube and the result is fantastic.

Without a doubt, most of my favourite amps use 6L6 tubes. That may be a coincidence or it may be the design but I do love these tubes. I also love El34s, KT88s and the list goes on but the 6L6 tubes are one of if not my favourite.